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List of Documents required to buy Health Insurance Plans

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Documents required to buy a Health Insurance Plan

Medical expenses are skyrocketing year on year. One may need to get hospitalized due to illness and this can turn to be nightmare with high medical expenses which can dent your hard earned savings. One of the best ways to protect from high hospitalization expenses is to consider a health insurance plan. One needs to understand the list of documents that are required to buy Health Insurance Plans. This can help in issuing the health insurance policy without any hiccups.

What is Health Insurance Plan?

Health Insurance policy in simple term is medical coverage provided by the health insurance company to the policy holder to compensate for any medical expenses arising due to hospitalization, surgery etc.,

If one need to buy a health insurance plan, they need to submit the documents based on which health insurance policy would be issued. There are many cases where the insurance company would reject the health insurance plan due to incomplete or incorrect documentation.

List of documents required to buy Health Insurance Plans in India

Below are some of the important documents required to be submitted to the insurance company while purchasing a health insurance plan

#1 – Health Insurance Application or Proposal Form

Health insurance plan application form or proposal form contains details of the insured individual, sum insured amount, correspondence address, pre-existing diseases etc. If it is the family floater policy, accurate details of all family members need to be filled whoever need to be included.

If the applicant wants to buy health insurance policy online, they can just visit the health insurance company website, check the health policy link and fill the application form.

In case of offline plans, the applicant needs to approach health insurance company branch office or agent and get the form. Such form should be duly filled and signed.

#2 – Proof of Address for Health Insurance Plans

Any of the following documents can be submitted for proof of address to health insurance company.

Aadhar Card


Driving License

Ration Card

Telephone bill

Electricity Bill

Voter’s ID Card

Bank Statement of past 6 months

Rental Agreement

One should note that in all above documents, name should be clearly mentioned.

#3 – Identify Proof documents for health insurance Policies

Below are some of the documents that can be considered as ID proof to submit to the insurance company.

PAN Card

Driving License


Voter ID

#4 – Age Proof documents for health policies

Below documents can be considered as age proof.

Birth Certificate

Voter ID Card

Aadhar Card

Driving License


PAN Card

#5 – Passport Size photographs

Two passport size photographs need to be provided if insurance company demands.

#6 – Medical reports are key for health insurance

If the applicant or applicants have any pre-existing diseases, health insurance company would ask for medical reports to further examine the criticality before issuing a policy. In such case, individuals need to provide any recent medical examination reports or doctor reports. If there are no latest reports available, an insurance company might ask them to go for medical checkups for all or some or all applicants depending on the age and pre-existing diseases declared.

What happens if you submit incomplete or incorrect documents to health insurance company?

If the application form or supporting documents or medical reports are incomplete or inaccurate, the insurance company might reach to applicant/applicants and ask to submit the missing ones. Failure of submission of complete or correct documents would lead to the rejection of the health insurance proposal.

Health insurance is basic step in financial planning. If you ignore, it can dent your hard earned savings in case of hospitalization. Understanding various documents required to purchase a health insurance policy would help you to submit documents on time and with less chances of rejection from the insurance company.

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