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About Us

Confused and Lot of QuestionsThis is an initiative from Suresh KP of

Often many of us are confused about various insurance plans in India.  There are tons of insurance plans which are not suitable to every one. Below are some examples:

  • Many individuals would have taken ULIPs, later blame insurance agents
  • People nearing retirement would have taken Retirement Insurance Plans. They might not be aware whether these are good or bad.
  • Insurance companies providing guaranteed income plans, but comes with several If’s and But’s.
  • Some people are preferring returns from Term Insurance Plans, but they are not aware the benefits and the returns that might generate from such plans.

The goal of this blog is to create awareness by providing Pros and Cons of various insurance plans in India. Based on this one can take their own decision.

Wishing you all the best in choosing a ideal insurance plan suitable to you.

Suresh KP